UV light is more dangerous than you think. Wear sunglasses whenever

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Many people may have had a problem when wearing dark glasses or sunglasses and people said they were too over-dressed. Or will you see the way after wearing it? But did you know that these black glasses or sunglasses are more useful than you thought? Therefore, it should be continued. Don’t be afraid to be teased. But you have to dress up to match with our glasses or choose glasses to suit your lifestyle. Today we will take everyone to know about the benefits of sunglasses. I guarantee that after reading, you won’t be embarrassed about wearing black glasses anymore.

     Must admit that Thailand is a hot country. Especially in the summer almost do not want to go out. Sunlight that we encounter every day has UV rays. or with the full name ultraviolet rays This radiation is very harmful to the skin and eyes. The more UV exposure your eyes have, the higher their risk of cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium and keratitis. which causes eye pain, tears, corneal degeneration affect future vision Therefore, wear sunglasses that can protect up to 400 UV to keep our eyes from burning and drying too much. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

     As mentioned above, UV rays can damage our skin. Another area of ​​skin that should be protected from the sun is the skin around the eyes. because it is a skin that is sensitive to light Rather, it is very delicate and gentle. Exposure to sunlight can damage collagen and skin. causing the skin in that area to wither and sag prematurely Resulting in wrinkles and looking older.

Sunglasses can help prevent wind, dust, chemicals or foreign matter from directly entering our eyes. Even though it’s not 100 percent compatible, it’s still considered something to protect us. 

In addition, sunglasses help to make our look look stylish. Helps to add flair to dressing up. Therefore, everyone must not be afraid to wear dark glasses because they are more useful than you think.