Pok Deng online card game

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The most popular real money gambling card game in Thailand. Or as we call it, Pok Deng has been developed to become Pokdeng online by this game you can play on both mobile phones. and computer You can also play as a dealer with a friend. If you are a person who likes to win sequential, sharp or tong cards, we recommend Pokdeng game on UFABET can guarantee that it’s fun, exciting, not boring for sure. If you still don’t know How to play poker online for real money to make money, how to do it? This article has the answer for you.

Advantages of real money online poker games

  • have simple rules Suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • can be a dealer Make more profit
  • Pokdeng website is stable, safe, reliable.
  • free subscription free of charge no entry fee
  • There is a mobile phone bounce system . Play anywhere, 24 hours a day.
  • Auto deposit, withdraw, no minimum, no need to turn, convenient
  • It’s easy to understand because it has a similar format. online casino
  • Small capital can play Pokdeng online, minimum 5 baht .

How to play poker online to make money for newbies

1. Choose the room price to bet.

The first thing you need to do for Playing Pokdeng online is choosing a room. We will have betting rooms from 5 baht to 5,000 baht per eye. You need to have a balance that is more than 5 times the price of the room. Because you can profit up to 5 times by playing just one eye. And if you want to be a dealer You must have a balance greater than 30 times the room rate.

2. Wait for the players to complete the schedule. and deal cards

according to the rules Each room must have a minimum of 2 players in order to start the game. And there will be up to 7 people per room, including the dealer, if there are players who meet the requirements The dealer will begin to deal cards immediately. Two cards will be dealt to everyone, two cards each. Once you’ve got your cards Let’s start to get excited.

3. Start winning cards with a new way to win.

Bounce card game There will be many ways to get rewards. Which will have the highest points, which are Pok Eight and Pok Nine Let you open the cards immediately. But if you can’t open these two cards. You continue to follow step 4.

4. If two cards are not enough Let’s draw the third card.

If you have already drawn two cards But the score is still not satisfactory. or get a card that can continue to win You can continue to draw the third card. But if the dealer scores Pok Eight or Pok Nine  , the online poker game will end immediately, because no matter what you get You will not be able to fight against the dealer.

5. Wait for the dealer’s and the player’s cards, the procedure that determines your winning results.

When you have drawn all the cards You wait for other players. And the dealer for a moment, after that, online Pokdeng will automatically show everyone’s cards. If you are the dealer You need to check everyone’s cards in the room. But if you are a player Allows you to check only the dealer’s card points. Because the dealer is our competitor.

6. Declare the result of losing or winning in that turn.

After everyone has opened the cards. The Pokdeng game will tell everyone’s winning results. including you You will know immediately that You will get profit back. or waste money

7. Once the profit is enough press out immediately

If you play Pokdeng until you have received a satisfactory reward You will be able to exit immediately after finishing the eye. There will be a set time for you. If you can’t get out in time You will have to play one more turn. to finish in a round and one condition If you don’t have enough stakes for that eye The system will automatically leave the room for you.