Tuchel was pleased with the performance in the second half, striving to equalise.

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Thomas Tuchel the Bayern Munich’s manager said he was satisfied with his football team’s second half performance. Which improved and deserved to get 1 point back.

The Southern Tigers drew 2-2 with RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga last Saturday night. By the current situation in the scoreboard. Bayern has 14 points from 6 games played UFABET

“We show pride and unique personalities.” said Tuchel the 50-year-old coach.

“The mentality, spirit, speed of play, desire to take risks, reaction and energy increased in the second half. That is why we deserve to come back to the game.

“But the first half was not good at all. We started very well. But then made many mistakes. Our game is too slow and full of glitches. 

“Maybe it was because of the game plan that was put into the game. I will accept the criticism on that part. We conceded goals from a disorganized defense. Attachment and devotion disappear. But that developed in the second half.

“It’s also about being proud and responsive in scoring goals and showing character in playing like that. The response looks good. We played with a simple game plan in the second half and we looked like we had more energy and confidence.”