Goalkeeper options open England national team competing in Euro 2024

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Goalkeeper options open England national team competing in Euro 2024

  • The England national team has a choice of goalkeepers. Many skilled people
  • Gareth Southgate can only choose three players, with only one earning a place in the national team’s starting XI.
  • Jordan Pickford has held the position of goalkeeper for the England national team for a long time.

Jordan Pickford (Everton)

One person who shouldn’t be far off the list is Jordan Pickford, a 30-year-old goalkeeper who has been a true concessioner for the England national team for ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app many years. It must said that among all the names mentioned above. Ford is one of the most experienced and reliable players at the big tournaments.

Although recently there have been calls from football fans that Gareth Southgate should give other goalkeepers a chance. But perhaps this head coach has adopte the motto “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” so that Pickford will given the chance to play for a long time in the main program, which is to be honest. He never showed any mistakes to the point where he deserved to be remove from his position as number one on the team.

Sam Johnston (Crystal Palace)

The 30-year-old goalkeeper, another potential candidate from Crystal Palace, is one to keep an eye on and it is highly likely that Gareth Southgate will call him up.

In the past, Johnston has always truste by the head coach of the England national team in calling him to the national team. He has played a total of 4 games for the senior national team. Including being named on the bench in the 1-0 loss to Brazil in March.

Jack Butland (Rangers)

The 31-year-old veteran goalkeeper has been absent from playing for the England national team for many years. However, he has already played 9 matches for the senior national team.

This year, Butland returned to show his brutal form with Rangers, successfully leading his team to finish as the runner-up of the Scottish league championship with a clean record. A total of 25 matches played in every competition.

 Nick Pope (Newcastle United)

If Southgate is looking for a goalkeeper who is an expert in the air, Nick Pope is a top choice. At nearly 200 centimeters tall, the goalkeeper is close to 200 centimeters tall.

The two disadvantages that Pope is inferior to other options are that although. He has shown excellent form since moving to Newcastle, this season he has been seriously injured and has been absent from the field for 5 months

Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal)

Looking back at last season, Aaron Ramsdale was definitely a player. Who was guarantee to play at Euro 2024,

but due to the misfortune of being second hand to Arsenal. The latest season has made Ramsdale absent from playing football continuously for the entire season. And it may important point that makes the head coach of the England national team decide not to name him to compete in the Euros this time.